Services Offered

1. Management Consulting
The role of a management consulting company is to add value, protect clients and help them achieve their dreams and business objectives.

As a trusted adviser our management consultants help companies improve performance, create opportunities and lead growth in their market.

We help you innovate and lead with passion. We guide executives in an ever more complex and volatile market environment.

2. Business Development
Our Business Development approach helps you get focused on the key elements of business growth.

• Goals: We get you focused on measurable, specific timely goals that get you motivated and create momentum.

• Reality: The foundation for goals is a thorough needs  assessment,GAP analysis and capability assessment or in  other words: Define your team, corporate culture, resources  and starting point

• Options: Our job is to provide a map, business plan, and  guide you along all steps of growth and business development

• Move Forward – after the roadmap we will help you implement an immediate action plan and follow through

3. Marketing & Branding
When it comes to defining your brand be conscious and crystal clear how you want to position and define your brand. Remember,
your brand is what other people say about your business when you are not in the room.

• Branding
• Marketing- Flyers, Brochures, Email- Blasts, Social Media  Marketing etc.
• Sales

4. Training
Classes covering- How To Start A Business, Using Social Media to
Network and Promote Your Business,

5.Enterprise Resource planning(ERP) project management and implementation

If you are a medium to large size entity and growing you know how important having integrated applications to manage your business processes are. Goldkap Consulting Group can assist with the project management of an ERP project or take the lead with implementing the chosen vendor with a full blown workflow analysis and making sure the project gets done on time and within budget.


If you are not sure which ERP management software is right for you our staff has extensive experience in understanding backoffice functions and can assist your team in finding the right software for your operation.


Whether you are in distribution, manufacturing or a hybrid doing both we can put together a team that can be instrumental in getting all the ERP software integrated in all facets of an operation.