Services Offered


We presently train professionals on the following topics:
  • How To Start A Business and do it profitably and quickly
  • Using Social Media to Network and Promote Your Business

When starting a business we cover 4 topics that we feel encompass what must be employed and then strategically break them out in specific details.

– Infrastructure: This section discusses, entity name, tag line, logo, color and how the entity will be formed. We discuss general description of target market, where the business will run from and basic core values.

– Supply chain and technology use: This section speaks to the logistics of how the company will achieve the results it intends to offer to the clients that will be served. The areas mostly discussed here are vendors, staffing, agreements and technology being used.

– Marketing: Often the term “marketing” is over used and has become the catch phrase basin for all revenue related campaigns. When you think of marketing today we are looking to capture market share by finding prospects that fit the profile of what we feel they will get value from by buying from us. Customized emails, online generation tools, events, social media and regional tv, radio and print are all marketing strategies we like. In order to have an effective marketing campaign it must be diversified and measurable.

– Closing the deal: Finding the right prospect and articulating the value of your product and service are important components for any business to succeed but closing the deal is often the leading indicator of bottom line results. Knowing when to ask for the order and getting our prospect to say yes to buying it is a combination of an art and a skill and needs to be learned, rehearsed and roll played in order to gain proficiency.