Thank you for the time this morning and sharing perspectives on Rockland County communities and demographics. This is a fascinating and beautiful place to live and work. Appreciate all of your efforts to educate me, streamline operations, and place us in vibrant, accessible locations.

- R. Smith

I am so impressed with this agency. They are truly dedicated to the success of your business. The staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable. They will provide you with all the information you need to success. You can’t go wrong.

- T. Miller

The entire team at Goldkap are knowledgeable, efficient, and most importantly, caring. When we engaged their services we thought that they would not be up to the challenge.They were and exceeded our expectations!

- Howard H.

Walter and his team continue to provide my office with their expertise in branding, marketing, sales, and time management. Goldkap is a terrific resource.

- Michael B.

This guy made me a small fortune!

Not him personally, but his sound advice & philosophies on business (and life) completely changed the way I see myself as a businessman, husband, and father. Those changes, in turn, made me more money than I ever thought I’d make in my life.

He is my business consultant but his influences on me reach further than having me dot my i’s and cross my t’s, discussing ROI, or understanding the GOLDKAP core values, otherwise known as PICK. He has become a friend, father figure and someone I truly admire and respect.

- Pete C.

Thanks for all of your efforts putting the event together, I really enjoyed myself (yes, work can be fun).

The venue was superb, and the guests did not disappoint.  You have a knack for showcasing Rockland County.  Whether it be the Patriot Hills Golf Club, the Ferrari dealership, the Rockland Boulders and most recently The Hopper House, all contribute to the uniqueness of Rockland County.

I look forward to the next event.

- Jack D.
When you start a business, you don’t know what you don’t know. Goldkap gets you through the challenging first months. It’s nice to have a consultant like Walter Goldman who works for you and with you to help achieve your business goals!

- Joe G
I had the pleasure of working with Walter and the Goldkap Consulting Group while starting my first business. The amount of knowledge and professionalism Goldkap Consulting Group brought to our relationship is unparalleled. Walter helped me build my business with a very tailored and methodical approach. This approach helped take my business to the next level and beyond, our relationship also helped me to learn and grow as a person. Presently, I work with them to help monitor and cut costs. This has been a great benefit to my business. I would without a doubt recommend Walter and the Goldkap Consulting Group to anyone looking to form a great relationship and take their endeavors to a better place. Above all else, I am glad to have made a great friend in Walter Goldman.
- Michael C.
Pleasant, professional, and a true expert in his field. Would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Goldkap. Got more than my monies worth!
- Howard H.

I do make very good connection at your events.

I have become the sole resource for Nyack Hospital and Montefiore and Highland Medicare for Medicare. Mark G. allowed me to move it forward and I know you know George H. very well and has been helpful to me as well.

You know great people!!

- Mark B.

Thanks for helping me with my new business cards and social media for my business. You re-designed the card and walked me through ordering them on Vista print. The cards arrived today and they look great. You also helped me set up a Facebook page for the business. We decided on just using Facebook for now, but you offered to help me with any other social media platforms I may want to use in the future.

- Bob A.

Thank you Walter and Team for all the great consultation to Head Start of Rockland, Inc.

- Ouida T.